Diatom 25Kg Sack for Red Mite

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Have I got red mite? : An increase in feed consumption accompanied by a decrease in production/growth is signs that a poultry house should be examined for mites. They are often found by looking under loose clods of litter, under slats, in nests or in any cracks and crevices in the house structure. They are evident as tiny red to blackish dots often in clusters.

Hygiene: The risk of the red mite infestation can be reduced by a complete and effective farm hygiene programme, with regular health checks on bird intakes, careful examination to ensure any new equipment brought onto the farm is properly disinfected and effective measures against wild bird contamination. At depletion all equipment should be removed from the house and completely mucked out. Disinfection is essential and the house equipment, slats and fabric of the building should be thoroughly cleaned off. An insecticide may then be used before restocking. With a flock in production that is showing signs of infestation, effective but safe control is essential. BHC based products such as carbaryl and lindane have now been withdrawn from the market and the remaining treatments, which are organo–phosphate compounds, should be avoided.

Life cycle: Red Mite are able to live away from birds for up to 38 weeks and so it is essential that application continues to prevent re-infestation.

Eggs: Red Mite infestation may cause eggs to be stained red with crushed mites or mite faeces, a decrease in egg production or pale coloured yoke.

Outside treatment: In warmer conditions, Red Mite can survive outdoors - even in grass. They will wait until treated areas are no longer a danger.
Treat entrances regularly.

Diatom 25Kg Sack for Red Mite

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Diatom 25kg is 100% natural product and is used to control Red mite and other parasites. Add 50g per square metre of animal bedding or add 5% to feed as a general supplement and natural wormer. Also suitable for use with cats, dogs and horses Best time to apply : The best time to treat the birds is in the evening, because Red Mite are nocturnal and so feed on the birds as they roost at night. Apply in accordance with the directions for use, directly onto the birds.
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